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Why Blog Consulting Works
Hi, I'm Jasmine!

I am the Editor-in-Chief at Miss Millennia Magazine and a professional blog consultant.

In my years of figuring it all out, I too worked with multiple blog experts to get me to where I am. Something I can say from experience is that it helped to:

1. Have someone look over your site and tell you where the low hanging fruit is in your business (i.e. how to make the biggest improvements in your blog business with the least amount of work.)

2. Having someone hold me accountable to sticking with my goals. It's hard running a business solo, and sometimes all you need is someone to hold you to your word. Blog consulting helped me with this.

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Here is What You get When You Work With Me
1. A Full Website Analysis - I take a look at your site and give you an overview of what your biggest opportunities are including your site, email list, and social media accounts. I also include a written document with all the needed steps. 

2. Three 1-hour strategy calls- where I go over the details of your analysis and give you some action steps to getting where you want to be. 

3. A 30-minute follow-up call 30 days later- to see how your goals are progressing.

Price: $297 

I am looking forward to working with you!

 Jasmine Watts

P.S. If you have any questions about my services, please feel free to reach out to me at
When I first started working with Jasmine, I swore up and down I would never create a blog. The amount of work and energy put into it seemed ludicrous. Three years later, my friend and I founded our blog The Coddiwomplers! Jasmine made the experience manageable, thrilling, and fun! She makes you realize your potential and recognize that no limit is unreachable. Jasmine is the point-blank definition of a boss a** b*tch, and I can guarantee you that you’re only strengthening your blogging game if you follow her.

 -Tavinia Tucker - The Coddiwomplers

I have been working with Jasmine for a few months, and she has helped me take my blog to a new level. She gives candid feedback about each aspect of my blog all the way down to the font. I have implemented the changes that she has suggested and seen a significant rise in page views per month. Working with Jasmine has been a game changer because not only has she been an excellent consultant, she has also given me the boost of confidence that I need as a new blogger.
-Kamika Smith - The Kay Saga

I approached Jasmine to ask for help with my new travel blog. She was extremely helpful in teaching me how to network with other bloggers, expand my reach and influence, and how to monetize. Jasmine is dedicated to helping bloggers succeed. She was patient and kind even when I fired a hundred questions at her. I found my experience with Jasmine to be one of the best things I did for my blog and would absolutely recommend her to anyone starting a blog, expanding a blog, or flat-out looking to succeed at blogging!

-Maggie Collett - The Coddiwomplers

I came to Jasmine when I wanted to learn how to monetize my blog. I knew that I wanted to start a successful site of my own. The road to getting there was an entirely different matter ! Jasmine was the perfect woman for the job ! She walked me from point A to Z on the process of earning an income with my blog. Her passion is contagious & she is a joy to work with!

-Tatum Forbes -
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